27 April 2009

Why do we blog?

I don't know if it's even correct to phrase the question as if it's every bloggers'. I just think that of the many attempts I've done to establish a blog site, a website, a photo webpage, etc., etc., it would be good to pause and ask why (again) am I doing this.   

Some of my friends blog simply to express their most inner selves. But if self-expression should be as spontaneous as it gets, then I'm not that kind of blogger. Some of my entries took days in the making. Some completed after months of abandonment. Is it because I'm just too vain and too self-conscious that it takes that long? Or maybe I just don't have that natural gift of a poetic tongue (or hand, that is). 

I learned from the insights of Jean Guitton that writing is like taming the monster that is our thoughts. So many things going on in our minds at the same time that if we do write them all at once, you get a version of the Lernaean Hydra (a many-headed monster in Greek Mythology).  So as we write away in our journals, we try to be as coherent as we can be, for the sake of nothing else but our sanity. Our entries are reflections of ourselves, face washed in a clear morning after a good night's sleep, or muddy and amorphous in the midst of a dark night. The clearer we write, the more we see who we are. Or, for the comfort of wannabes like me, I'd rather say, the MORE we blog, the more we get to know who we really are. 

C. Day Lewis nails my point well:  We do not write in order to be understood. We write in order to understand. 

So there goes my apology for yet another blog site. 

On a practical note, I am leaving my friendster blog because I want to be more "regular" in updating my blog. I wouldn't want to be filling up my friends' inbox with incessant notifications about my new blabbering. My multiply account is as good as dead (forgot password and closed old email account-the complications!). And facebook is too open a terrain to fill with my nonsense. 


ruthietheotaku said...

thank you...hehe I am now inspired to start one hahaha

littleoneofgod said...

auuuw. i have a follower. thanks. yes, start one now. i don't know if it helps others, but it definitely helps me. hehe

Lou said...

Welllll....I've blogged since 2005 and for me, the reasons are many. To express myself, to remember events, and quite often, to honor people, places and events that really mattered. Keep on writing!