06 May 2009

chicken joy!

Lakay, the little one and I had a high time at dinner today. The little one was eating really well (no arguing about staying in the table, finishing his plate, drinking his juice and water). And the big one had about 3 servings of rice (rather unusual if you know my lakay's appetite well). We owe it all to my fried chicken that has ever delighted my boys since time immemorial. Whenever this is served on the table, the T.V. and computer are abandoned in no time, quarrels are forgotten,and everyone is just happy, happy, happily eating with gusto.

The measure of good fried chicken is in the joy of those who eat it.


Lou Corpuz said...

I love a good fried chicken! My mom makes some of the best in my opinion and for years I've been trying to duplicate her recipe. Have yet to succeed.

littleoneofgod said...

i can imagine how yummy that is. I've sampled tita flor's adobo and it's really good. Yup, we are a family of eaters (and good cooks too).