29 September 2009

on storms and rainbows

I didn't really expect my little one to understand what I was trying to tell him when I related the story of the victims of the typhoon that just hit the Philippines. I told him "Little boys and girls, babies, their moms and dads, lolos and lolas, have no homes because it rained very hard. Manila became a very big swimming pool where their houses, cars, toys, food and everything where drowned. (Ka)wawa naman sila ano?" After a thoughtful silence, the little one said, "Yes." And then I asked him, "Would you like to help them?" Again he said, "yes." "What would you do to help them?" After a pause for just a fraction of a second, he said, "I will get my lazo, and then catch the rain, then the rain will stop." "And then?" I asked. "And then the kids and their mummies and daddies and lolos and lolas will have a home and they can sleep. Then the rainbow will come." I asked, rather curiously, because I had no idea where he got all these, " Why will the rainbow come?" He answered matter-of-fact-ly, "So that there will be no more rain."

If a boy like my little one can hope for better things, so can I. So can we.

If you want to read more about this tragedy that beset my country, please click here. and here.

If you want to help, please click here for a comprehensive list of possible channels.

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