22 April 2010

some "old" snapshots of my family

Last night, my wisdom tooth was like a tectonic plate struggling to surface in my already crowded gums. Trying to comfort myself through distraction, I browsed through iphoto for some of our pictures in the past. These beautiful shots that I'd like to share here were enough to get me distracted and to crack a smile.

This was taken on our trip to Lakay's hometown (Bicol) in 2008. Behind us is one of the most beautiful sites in the Philippines, Mayon Volcano.

This was on my graduation for my masters degree in Ateneo, 2006. My little one was only 5 months old.

This was on one sem break in the beach of Ilocos in 2006.

At the cemetery in Sudipen, La Union. Notice how my little one's sunny disposition hasn't changed since baby-hood.

at our old home in Fairview, Quezon City.

This one's my favorite:
one happy moment in our rented condo near Ateneo.

I'm so proud of my bungisngis family!

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