22 May 2010

laughter-full love

I once heard someone say that if she were to choose between a handsome man and one with a great sense of humor, she would marry the latter. Her rationale was that looks fade, but humor gets better in age. She wants to grow old laughing.

Say I married a handsome beau with a great sense of humor. :D Wouldn't I be the luckiest woman in the world?

And if we beget a son who's beginning to express his dad's humor genes, wouldn't I be luckier than the luckiest woman in the world?

I woke up groggy one morning, with my usual head and nose pain. I was set for a slow morning, considering how my nerves respond (if they do at all) to anything.


Then my little one stood up from his breakfast chair, and started to do "the dance." Apparently, while I was still asleep, Lakay taught him "the dance" (believe me, in my Lakay's case, there's only one kind!)

The little one called his dad from the shower. Lakay obliged all too willingly. And they did a duo dance by my breakfast table. (For the sake of my marriage, and for my son's prophetic plans of becoming famous one day, I will not upload pictures or videos on this!)

With these two funny men in your life, need you ask for a better morning to wake up to?

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