01 June 2010

the little one in Trier, Germany

I have a long list of blog entries waiting to be written. But part of my resolve to have more structure in my work life is to make blogging a reward moment. So here I am rewarding myself for having done well so far ( in my own relaxed standards-nyenye).

I have been wanting to write about our trip to Trier 3 weeks ago but haven't found the time. For now, I'd like to share how my little one enjoyed this trip too.

(L-R: the little church goer, trudging on the cobblestones of the city, taking pictures in St. Paul's Basilica, sharing his shot of the Porta Nigra to his dad, exchanging notes with master photographer, taking a shot of Porta Nigra again, sitting on this unesco world heritage, and keeping an enthusiastic spirit throughout the 4-hour bus ride)

Here are his shots (honestly unedited!)

(L-R: Porta Nigra --the gate of the old roman city of Germany, inside the St. Paul's Basilica, his dad--after shouting out to him to pose and smile, a window of the St. Paul's Basilica, and--my favorite--the Basilica's ceiling!)

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