06 September 2010


Watching my little one enjoy the Kermis (carnival) in Leuven today was such a pleasure. The weather was fine and I had just recovered from a flu-like thing this week.

My little one was hyper today, especially because he had friends who tagged along. It was his first time to take a real ride. Not that we didn't let him before, but he just wasn't into it. Today was different. He was braver, I guess. And I just took a step back and watched him take it all in. Such pure happiness.

I took this shot while the mini ferry's wheel was turning. As you can see, his smile here is in between excitement and fear (I think the wheel has turned about 3 times at this time). What I like about this shot is that it captured his struggle -- and the show of teeth and waving of the hand indicates that joy has won over fear.

This sounds cliche, I know, but still I'd like to say that watching children so happy like this is happiness enough.

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