19 November 2010

I say the talent's there

On some weekends, the happy trio would just go out walking with our cameras in tow. My bugey's shots from October till this month have just been uploaded in our desktop. I'd say of the hundred shots he took, there were some that were really impressive and promising. So on with the mummy bragging: 

He took this shot on our walk home after a Sunday mass last October.
I like the perspective he used here. 
This one I like for the contrast. I'm not sure if he intended this.
But heck, I'm unapologetically biased. So I say,  he did. :) 

I'm really proud of this shot. He took this on a cold rainy afternoon
when I told him to find something else to do after watching two
DVDs in a row. He switched the TV off ( what an angel!),
 got his clic toys and wooden blocks, and made this cute house.
While trying to take a shot, I told him what Lakay had taught me-
to take pictures of toys (in my case, of kids)within eye-level of the subject.
My eager student got the idea in a snap, lay on the floor, and took this shot.  Bravo my love!

This one he took when we went to the nearby Arenberg Castle last October.
Lakay and I have our own versions of this shot.
The bugey joined the bandwagon. I like to show off here the
steadiness of his hands. And his sense of proportion.
Makes me really think that the talent is there. (ahrrrm, please agree!) 

This is a really great shot. Taken about three weeks ago
while we were walking visitors around the Botanical garden.
Notice how balanced it is? So proud proud proud of you my baby!


Lou said...

They are lovely shots!

Socraticmom said...

thanks ate! :)