11 May 2011

Where do they get these?

When I entered the bathroom to help my son with his bath today,  he gave out the most shocking line he has ever said to me. Well, so far. Calling me with his beckoning hands, he said,

"Come here woman!"

"Huwaaat?" I uttered in  disbelief.

And as if that was not shocking enough, he continued.

"I said, 'Come here woman.' I want to marry you."

Within a quick-breath pause, I readied myself for an impromptu sermon on decent talk. I almost started with, "Where did you get that?" when he said:

"I said I want to marry you because I want you to be my mummy." ???

"Ok. (Sigh of relief) ... Ok." I finally said and went on with my business, while making mental notes-to-self:

First, calm down. Not every sentence a child utters has to have meaning.
Second, tell your son that he has to wait twenty-five  more years before he can start addressing someone as "woman!" (Hey, wait a minute! Lakay should teach him this!)
And finally, read up on parenting a highly receptive brain that captures every single minute zillions and zillions of words, indecent ones included, from songs, graffiti on our building, and God knows where. Haist!

It never gets easier.

I honestly don't know how he learned to pose like this.

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