16 November 2011

a mother's divine status

I overheard my son asking his dad whether he could watch tv this afternoon. Because we have this rule about limited TV time during weekdays, the dad could have just readily said no. 

But then, in Lakay's attempts to be creative with his answer, he jokingly said, "Ask the Lord." 

I don't know how my son exactly understood Lakay. He does know what "Lord" means because of our bedtime prayers.  

But I wonder why in reply to his dad, the boy cried out, "Ok. Mum, can I watch TV?"



ruthietheotaku said...

lol think he was testing his limits ahaha, now don't let it get to your head momma! hahaha

Socraticmom said...

Oh, I do know how to make things work. I'm the goddess of the house!