12 June 2012

Four months in a nutshell

Been very quiet for a long while, I know. That's because I've been nesting and waiting for the coming of a new angel in the house. I have to say, though,  that the big brother to-be was more impatient than I was. 

And so it all happened on Easter night.  We tried to stay calm and poised while waiting for the cab and the friends who'd take over Bugey for us.  He, however, was all over the place, pretending to be normal, but too high-pitched for his own good. "Relax mum, breathe in and out. Count 1 to 10."

At the lift, he sent us off saying "I love you mummy. I love you. I miss you already." 

Our new angel was born half-past midnight, much too fast, according to the doctors and midwives. It was  a foretaste of how fast our lives would be changed after that. Without meaning to exaggerate, our new angel has turned things around overnight -- our sleeping hours, the volume of our voices,  and yes, our blog's title.

Welcome to the world, our baby Boo. Here's to more blogging in the next days!  

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