04 February 2013

The globe

To motivate Kuya Bugey for his math exercises at home, I came up with a point system that would let him earn up to 100 stars which he can use to claim a reward. I had to think of a really to-die-for kind of reward to keep him sustained. And so I thought of a globe.

It was the perfect choice. It got him focused and determined. Earning as high as 5 stars a day is no joke if you have to save it up to a hundred. That's with a scale- for a perfect 80 points, he gets 10, 79- 5 stars, 75-78 -4 stars and so on. He didn't get it that easily of course. It was anything but a smooth ride. But with a little strictness from tiger mum, he stayed with it. This was really my main aim- to get him to stay on something even if it's not that easy.

Of course he tried to outsmart me with it by asking for the globe from Santa for Christmas. But Santa was on mum's side so he gave him something else and told him to keep working on his globe. :)

After 3 long months he finally earned it, but it was too soon that Santa wasn't able to order it from Amazon on time :).

He was surprised to find it on his bed this morning, with a note that said:

"Dear Kuya, this globe is your gift to your self because you worked hard for it. Now since you have been a very good boy to your mum and dad and to your brother, I'm giving you a real treat- your favorite PS3 game! Have fun! Love, Santa! "

I think when he was reading it aloud, he choked a little, trying not to cry.

I'm proud of you, Kuya. Now, on to the next level. :)

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