06 February 2013

Won a ticket today

Because this is my last year for my PhD, things have been very very very hectic for me. It's been so stressful that one night I just suddenly burst into tears. Lakay held me, while the boys just looked on. I was sorry to let them see me like that. But I think there's also value in letting them see that mum's human too.

I was extra mindful of de-briefing my eldest son on this, he who is so perceptive now. I explained to him that I was just tired and that crying doesn't make one a weak person. In fact, crying made mum even stronger after.

Today, while I was working, Bugey entered the study and played "quietly". He took some pens then started to doodle something down. Then he exclaimed while giving this note to me:

"Congratulations! You've just won a ticket - free break from work. Take a break now!"

Then he said, "I can't spell congratulations correctly, mum." Hmm. It's amusing that he was aware it was wrong when he didn't even  know the spelling. But apart from that, there's something about the way kids write in this misspelled way that I love so much. I think it's how it shows their pureness and spontaneity, writing words as they hear it from their lips.

I'd treasure it this way -- messy and unevenly written by the hands of the sweetest, most intuitive and understanding boy in the world. Thanks Kuya. Will keep getting back to this every break time. 

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