10 September 2009


Ever since the little one started going to a Flemish pre-school, Lakay and I found it hard to extract any information from him. We figured it's because he's still adjusting to the new language and not everything is easily comprehensible for him. Lately, however, he would spill some details about how his day went. But of course, this is not without difficulty when it comes to completely understanding the context of what he says.

When I got home from work this afternoon, Lakay asked the little one to repeat what he said earlier about his classmate "Fluwo". The little one said, "Everything was broken mummy. His head, his eyes, his mouth..." As a mother, I was instantly aghast! "Did he cry?" I asked. "Yes," he said. "Did they bring him to the hospital?" Again he said, "Yes!" "Was he a boy or a girl?" "No," he replied, "He's a puppet!" (nyenyenye nye)! Lost in translation, that's what we are!

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