10 September 2009


I'm going to say more than often in this blog that my little one has this tremendous appetite for learning. Whenever he picks on something new, he would obsess about it for a while, and you'd be surprised how we would neatly apply it to different situations. Take the case of his learning about opposites. This concept was so handy for him especially in elaborating on different versions of his "no". If I say, "Not so loud!" He would retort, "No! not soft!" If I say, "Do you want to be tall?" He would say (for the sake of living up to his "no" stage), "No, I want to be short."

One day, I taught him how to press the halt button in the bus. I had to stress that he can only press the blue button (the one for halting) and not the red one (the one for alarm in case of emergency). To keep things simple, I just said that the red button is only for old people. He then looked at me with honestly questioning eyes, "Just for OLD people? Not NEW people?" ***

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