15 September 2009

motivation one more time

i'm barely two days away from the conference I am not yet done with my paper. I am getting really really tired. So let's round up a motivation list ONE MORE TIME. After this damn conference I will:

1. go tripping in the thrift shop to find treasures that I could use for decorating the apt.
2. do that - decorate the apartment
3. finally try the sauna in the nearby recreation center
4. call up my good friend N whom I haven't had the chance to talk to for a year now
5. have dinner with my other N friend and catch up with all the gossip we missed telling each other
6. invite tita A to come over and cook and dine with us (promise, Mare, mas masarap to kaysa mahal na dinner sa labas).
7. have a free FREEEEE weekend to go to the park and take pictures with lakay and my little one.
8. finally understand how to personalize my blog template
9. Read the novels waiting in my shelf
10. watch a movie with Lakay, and then watch a moview with Lakay and the little one.

...ok it worked. I'm getting back to work.

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