20 September 2009


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There's always something going on during the weekends! Today, we went to check out the opening of the new art museum of the city. Too bad, the line was too long. So we settled for the long-standing carnival at the park. On the way, there was a street circus at play. The little one enjoyed the site. So did the biggies.

Lakay remarked that this country is still heavily family-oriented, which is a good thing. Stores are closed on Sundays, unthinkable at first for someone who is so used to malls being open forever. It didn't take long before I enjoyed this setup of silent weekends. It might be hard to imagine how these European countries can afford to close up on weekends, but now I see that this is one of the perks of being in a social democratic world. Not much of the capitalist pressure to earn is felt. Result -- all people, from laborers to top executives have time for their families on weekends.

Now I wonder how we can do something like this back home.

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ruthietheotaku said...

hehe we can't do it sa pinas bec we can't afford to pay the tax that most EU citizens have to pay every year (i think more than once too) and if they do implement this system, guess where the money is gonna go hehe, kanya kanya sa pinas...kanya kanyang pamilya ehehe