21 September 2009

things i miss at home

This is gonna be endless. Heck, it keeps me grounded. (Note: this list is not ranked in order of importance. They just randomly came to mind).
1. Beautiful sunrise
2. Colorful sunset
3. The warmth
4. The fact that clothes dry in seconds
5. The Spa!!! Oooooh, the spa.
6. Benguet coffee
7. Tapsilog
8. Dinengdeng
9. Being able to afford a helper
10. Powerbooks in Trinoma (the little one’s favorite hangout)
11. Ukay-ukay!!!
12. Shopping with sis in ukay-ukay!
13. Discovering treasures in Carriedo
14. Our home in baguio
15. Sunday masses in UP parish
16. The Ateneo campus
17. Philo dep friends
18. Chat with my bff’s neng Adie and N
19. Fishball
20. Kikiam
21. Barbecue
22. Sisig!!!
23. Dibidis (wink wink)
24. Fluffy, our white civic
25. Inexpensive haircuts
26. Jessica Soho reports
27. The smell of pine in December
28. Star-studded night sky in Baguio
29. Kalamansi
30. Papa’s “kalapaw” in La Union
31. family

Part 2
1. Bona Petit's Puttanesca and garlic bread sticks
2. MaMon Luk's toasted siopao

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ruthietheotaku said...

hehe i only miss family tho, wonder why...