07 September 2009

my innocent pleasures

What better way to keep your enthusiasm alive everyday than to list the simple things that make you smile.

1. a good heavy breakfast
2. peppermint tea
3. my morning muray-muray moment with the little one
4. meal conversations with lakay
5. looking out the window while having breakfast
6. a good massage
7. making accessories
8. having someone wear them
9. cleaning the little one's ears
10. trimming the little one's nails
11. smelling the little one's stinky feet (ok i'll stop)
12. hearing the little one's laughter
13. lakay making me laugh
14. comfortable, intelligently made stylish shoes
15. sleeping on a cold day
16. hot choco on a cold day
17. lakay's senseo coffee (even if i get hyper acidic after)
18. vinaigrette
19. clover
20. the blue European sky

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