08 September 2009

My wishlist September 2009

This is another way of making me smile when I'm overwhelmed by tons of things to do, and by the pressure to deliver well. Someone once said: the self that has no past to remember nor a future to hope for is a self that stands in peril.

So when I'm caught within the demands of the day, I just grab my notebook and list down all the things that I'd look forward to. Some maybe too ambitious, some too mundane. It doesn't matter. Writing down your wish list is an enjoyable kind of play. :)

Here's my partial wishlist for this year.

My wish list (September 2009)

1. get published in an international journal
2. lose weight
3. finally find my “it” jeans and afford 3 of it
4. shop with my sisters this Christmas
5. a red watch
6. Geox snickers
7. find an old bracelet and necklace that I can retoke
8. have an album of the best of Queen
9. copy the recipe of Amici Mei’s Frutti de Mare
10. finally perfect my pancit
11. to be freed from Medrol
12. get healthy
13. to wake up at 5 am EVERYDAY –just like my mama
14. to be able to cook well just like Ate Lou
15. a lomo cam
16. Canon G9

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