07 January 2010

the happy trio project

This post should've been entitled "A Camera of One's Own," because it's initially about my then constant bickering on the hassles of not having my own camera. How many a picturesque sight have I let pass simply because I don't have a camera ready at hand? Of course, I can always bring Lakay's SONY SLR if not for the unbearable heaviness of it's being!

At last, those days of lamentation are over. My most awaited package has reached my sister's doorstep today! With the help of two great fellows (who are just as obsessed with framing beautiful things through their lenses and skills that I have yet to acquire), I now have my own camera. (Thanks Auntie G and Uncle G)

Seriously, the happiest reasons I have for this new possession are about a sense of identity and family-hood. With regard to identity, I'd say this more as my perception of Lakay's own needs. Although I have never really heard him complain about having a "director" breathing down his neck while taking photos (he honestly said that he never minded at all and I love him tons for this), I really want him to have his own space where he can develop his craft some more. On the thing about family-hood, I'm referring to that picture I've conjured up in my head a long time ago--one fine Spring day with Lakay, the little one, and me, each carrying a camera of his or her own, while taking pictures in the park. Not bad, eh?

The dream will soon come true. I'm so excited about this year of filling up my computer with the results of our happy trio project.

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Lou said...

Taking snapshots of life is one of its greatest pleasures. Enjoy your new cam!