28 March 2010

discovering tennis

Let it be known that I am not a sporty woman. If my college classmates loved P.E. as their favorite course (because it is where some of them easily got an A), I, on the other hand, dreaded this subject the most.

Somewhere in my 20's I simply decided that sports was just not for me. The coming of my 30's, however, ushered in a whole string of healthy-living demands. Bottom line is I've gotta move my butt!

Happily, places abound in this university for free recreation activities. This means, in Lakay's words, I have no reason to not exercise! But the glories of being in philosophy is that you somehow find a way to argue out of this. To that Lakay would simply roll his eyes and wait for that one miraculous day when I would begin to love sports.

I think that miracle happened today.

Our happy trio went to the sports centrum today. My plan was to take pictures of the budding forest behind the track and field and to watch over the little one, while Lakay played tennis with our friends. But then, for some strange reason, I wounded up with a tennis racket in my hand.

So maybe this is it. This is the sport for me. I am starting to fall for tennis. I do hope that it would learn to love me back. :)

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