11 March 2010

Oedipus strikes again

Lakay and I were specially dressed for the Feast of St. Thomas one breakfast morning. Upon seeing me across the table, my little one let out a spontaneous compliment:

"You look lovely in your dress mummy."

Touched by the warm regard, I said "Thank you, honey."

Sensing that Lakay felt left out in the scene, I asked my little one if he found his daddy handsome, too.

To that, he immediately said, "No! He looks silly."

I tried to mediate before Lakay could say a word in protest: "But I do think daddy's handsome."

The little one said, "Ok. Silly handsome."

(Of course the adults here did not take this so seriously--I think.)

Then Lakay jokingly retorted: "And you, how do you think of yourself?"

With absolute boldness, the little one said,


*the filipino term for handsome


kei said...

Little Johann is adorable, Ma'am Love! Your whole family is. :)

I like the new layout, by the way!

Socrates' wife said...

thanks kei. :)