01 March 2010

these girls really get it!

(photo courtesy of Gloria Oldham)

Disclaimer # 1: I am not a fashionista. At least, not by definition. But I enjoy watching ladies play with mix and match. (I see that a lot of young Belgian women are so good at it, wonder if they learn it in school).

Disclaimer # 2: I don't buy branded just because it's expensive. The cheaper I can get them, the better, and that means I'll get them in their cheapest no matter where (outlet stores, thrift shop, ukay-ukay). I prefer branded for the sake of comfort, for durability (a point always contested by my wiser shopper sister) and for the stylish detail (I know that what I'm really paying for is that degree of intelligence and talent put in making the product).

For the longest time, I have been in search for that perfect website that would give me sound fashion advice. Unfortunately, there have not been much that suited my lifestyle as a frugal graduate student in her 30s. My case was just too unique for magazines to care about.

Not until I joined twitter and discovered academichic.

This is a blog site run by three PhD students in feminist theory who argue that going for the pretty and stylish look doesn't make one less academic. I loved their website in an instant. Fashion and philosophy --these three girls nailed it so well. They make you remember that wearing and matching clothes is first of all innocent play. You first enjoy it for it's own sake. When fashion merely becomes a status symbol, a weapon for power struggles, or an instrument of seduction, it ceases to be enjoyable (not to mention, human and responsible).

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ruthietheotaku said...

way to go Johann! I saw another with the same name in a school i worked at and the kids in middle school butchered it..they call him Joe-Han!! grrrrrr.