04 April 2010

Easter in Flanders 2010

Today, our first Belgian friends Y and J invited us to Okselaar for an experience of the Flemish Easter. And because it marked another first for the happy trio, somebody's got to document (and that basically means super eager me).

We took an early train so we could catch the Sunday morning mass. It was a rainy Spring morning. The little one's feet were itching for adventure.

We arrived early in Zichem and waited a few minutes for Y to show up. There was not a soul in sight. Rather than find this eerie, Lakay and I have grown comfy with it.

After mass, the children were gathered in the nearby forest to wait for the legendary Easter Bunny. He showed up...

and from Bunny's basket flew the scrambled-for chocolate eggs.
My little one was alien to the whole thing. Dear Y picked eggs for him while he just went on staring. Poor boy.
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Then the crowd was led to the forest to hunt for the bigger chocolate eggs. Easter Bunny found favor on my little one and followed him around with his basket.

Then came coffee and drinks. Lovely of course!

There are two things the ever-reflective me took note of in this experience. One, that the Flemish Easter celebration is similar to its Filipino counterpart (except that in Pinas, we hunt for the real eggs). Two, it felt good to know that despite the high display of secularism in this country, there's still a good number of those who share in and celebrate with our faith.

Thanks Y and J! We had a great time. Happy Easter everyone!

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