03 April 2010

Guessing game

My little one and I played "guess what's in my bag?" yesterday. He picked this up from our daily routine of making him guess what I brought him home for the day. We switched roles this time, and the way he described his mystery things just made me shower him with peals of laughter (that's me alright, despite my long-playing migraine). Here are some of those I caught.

"It's something that you wear on your hair. It's smooth and nice. And it's something you can massage your feet with..."

take a guess...

a Pony O!
(ok, I get the hair and smooth and nice, but I don't follow how this can be for massaging feet!)

next one:

"Something for your body, and it will make you nice and smooth, and it has tree oil with...with...tea on it!"

hmm, that's not so hard...

my tea tree oil foot balm!
(I'm just impressed that he actually read tea tree oil!)

here's a cute one:

"It is for babies and it will make babies and kids, and moms and dads, and titos and titas, and brothers and sisters sick!"


Johnson's baby powder(!?)
(Ok, I get it. This bottle was left by his grandma on her visit last year. I told him a long time ago that he can't play with it because it can make him sick --allergy. He thought the rule was true for all!)

now here's what sent me roaring in bed:

"It's something you wear on your feet and it's stinky. And it says GAP!"

can't help but laugh at the cuteness of this little boy who proudly describes the smell of his

Don't you just want to flood him with tickles after that?


Zinnia said...

I love reading your blogs, Ate Lovelyn! Yohan amazes me with his intelligence - hopefully that curiosity and excitement about new and different things never leaves.

Socraticmom said...

Thanks Zinnia. I hope so, too!