28 April 2010

moving out, yet again

Lakay remarked that moving out and in has become an annual thing for the fam lately. Last 2007, we moved from our house in Fairview to a rented unit near Ateneo. 2008, Quezon City to Baguio City. Then 2009, Philippines to Belgium. This year, it will be from apt K113 to F138. (thank God this time it's just a garden away!)

I guess by now I should be applying what I've learned from all that moving--well, at least the lesson on making this whole physically and mentally demanding process less stressful. Today, I think the happy trio did a good job on that. (See! I can even blog about it!)

We started with the nitty-gritty task: sorting out small stuff that dusted on shelves and corners, then we (including those little hands) moved some to our new place. Truth is, the little one's incessant pleading to carry this and that for mom slowed things up a bit. But then I found myself asking: What's the rush? We have until Monday.

And that's how I began educating myself about the joys of moving.

First, the sorting, weeding, filing, and packing is a therapeutic non-thinking activity that gives great relief for someone who is paid to think. (In fairness, today, I tried not to dwell too much about which bottle, box. or chuvachuchu has to go).

There is also the plus of finding stuff which you have long been looking for, or have almost forgotten that you actually have. Then you feel rich and abundant again because of that.

Then there's the challenge of using the new space, which gives the imagination some sort of reboot. And which also justifies a bit of shopping. (nod here)

But the most enjoyable part of moving out and in is that it is a great family thing. You get to work together as a team (so happy that the third member can now walk, talk, and even sing while moving), share in the joy of looking at what you've accomplished, and learn to appreciate the true meaning of home in the midst of all this temporariness.

For here's what I learned from 4 years ago: With Lakay and my little one around, any place is as good as home for me.


ruthietheotaku said...

Funny you mentioned it. Cleaning up is very therapeutic. I'm very nervous about my new job that will start tomorrow, steaming carpets and sorting out the rooms, organizing things in baskets made me feel so much better. I'm ready for tomorrow :-) Email me pics of your new place!! Is there a guest room? I miss europe!

Socraticmom said...

Hey sis. I just noticed your comment. Sorry for that. I'm excited about your new job. I hope you really enjoy it.

Guest room? Well, this time the little one has his own. It has a double decked bed. :D so I think it can cover for one guest.

We plan to buy a decent sofa bed. Of course there will always be room for everyone. Hope to see you hear again.

We're going to Trier tomorrow. I actually miss having you just a few hours away.