10 May 2010

Not your typical mother's day gifts

Got these treats from our trip to Trier this weekend. Didn’t really plan on spending on shopping except for the ever common souvenir fridge magnets. But I just had to buy a mug from the Karl Marx museum. After all, his seminal thoughts continue to reverberate in the thinkers I am reading on today. And I’d like to think that his critique of capitalism is a thick thorn that sticks on my flesh, and creates the unwarranted need of having to justify all unnecessary purchases (including this one!).

And I also had to buy this Zwilling little knife (only 6,95 Euros, mind you!) I remember those days when I’d pass their stores in the Podium and in Mega Mall, and salivate over their sharp tweezers and nail cutters. And even if I knew that their cutlery was too much for me to even dream of, I’ve had that silent wish of getting one for our wedding. So here I am with this itsy bitsy tiny knife, and all of my being is rejoicing. There’s just something about precision in tools that aid a woman’s everyday life.

If this second purchase is doing a disgrace to Marx’s cause, I’m sure his mother and wife will understand me. Hey, it’s Mother’s day! Cut me some slack!

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