25 June 2010


I can't stop laughing!

So I've been incessantly referred to as "Juday" by my family since the days of her Mara-Clara fame. Back then, this queen of Filipino soap opera had thicker eyebrows (like me) and full cheeks (like me) and cried a lot (yeez, yhezzz, like me!)

Then I stopped complaining after a while. Besides, who wouldn't want to be likened to a superstar who happens to be a multi-millionaire.

Now, just recently, I've been hearing people say that Lakay looks like no other than Juday's husband, Ryan Agoncillo.

FYI: Lakay really didn't want me to write a post on this, worried that I might send the wrong message that he actually thinks he looks like the man! So can I just please underscore here that the reason why I am writing this is not out of self-flattery. I'm just freakin' flabbergasted!

Fine, call it pure coincidence.

Tonight, I finally got around to watching video streams about their much-admired wedding, which I myself found approving for its simplicity and sincerity (at least in that regard, I would say we are in the same wavelength).

And then I came across an interview with Ryan about preparing for parenthood. The couple are currently expecting a boy.

Then to my shock, the name "Yohan" was mentioned!

As it turns out, Juday has an adopted girl named Yohan, whom the couple now consider to be their first child.

Now, tell me: pure coincidence?!

Whatever explanation this has, I'm pretty sure, Lakay and I were first in everything!!! I'm actually starting to consider that Juday might be the one following my life! hahahahahaha


Lou said...


Coincidence indeed.

ruthietheotaku said...

ahahah i love it!! i have an idea, just for fun, take a picture mimicking the exact same pose and outfits they have on that picture!!!! hehehehe And I think Juday is copying you, secretly following this blog hehehe

kei said...

Hi Ma'am Love!

I posted a comment on one of your older entries but I'm not sure if it went through. Anyway, I'm glad you're doing great and Johann's growing up to be a smart, wise kid! I do hope he doesn't get into the "celebrity life" though. Hee.

Kei :)