04 July 2010

the story of Loreba

This is how a child's imagination works:

My little one found a new friend by the tree in front of our apartment. He named her Loreba (don't ask). Loreba's been living there for a couple of weeks now. My little one says that she comes from India, but moved to Belgium because her "house" in India fell. Each morning my little one wakes up, he would look out through our window and say "Good morning Loreba!"

This is how an adult's imagination works:

Lakay noticed that Loreba has grown thin throughout the weeks she's been on her nest (never left it, not even for a sec). One day, he saw another bird of Loreba's kind "visiting." He assumed that it's Loreba's husband. He noted that hubby's visits are seldom, and thereby concluded: that's why Loreba is suffering of starvation. He then says, "Irresponsible father!"

Oh well, with the fresh view of summer green straight from your window, what could one better do than fabricate tales about birds?


ruthietheotaku said...

haha maybe the father is having an affair somewhere , multiple families ahaha

Socraticmom said...

that's exactly what lakay said