06 October 2010

love you MacGyver!

This cute home-made football net was once an abandoned chair, with its leather cushion stashed to death by its owner (most likely a foreign student), who probably disliked the idea of a free loader enjoying his junk. Too bad for him, he threw it just at the right time when Lakay was looking for that perfect steel frame for a football goal.

Our little one  is so into playing football these past weeks. This is to my Lakay's delight of course, which got him gaga over buying football stuff for the son. He spent weeks looking for the goal that would fit in our living room, surfed the net, went to toy stores, sports shops (in Leuven, this basically means all 3 of them), but to no avail. Until one day, he chanced upon this hapless mutilated chair outside our building, waiting for its messiah.

It was hard to imagine at first how he could turn this thing into a net (one that wouldn't take up more space, I had to add). But then again, how can I forget that I married a MacGyver ?
So here you see him  cut some parts here and there,  bought these colorful strings and wove them into a fine web. The weaving was a labor of love, I must say. But he did not complain one bit --"All for our future Cristiano Ronaldo!" he said.  (nope. we don't like this player to be our son's role model, but the millions of Euros he earns a month, we like! Super like!)

Here it is then, the improvised goal that will one day be homed in Museums in honor of our son-turned-football star!  (ok, ok, i think I'm taking it too far.)

Thanks Lakay.

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