06 October 2010

comfort words

I've been working like hell lately. I'm preparing for something dreadful, and I need all the energy support I can get. So for the past days,  I've been working in my son's bedroom (I only do this when he's in school; but now, out of necessity, even when he's here --sorry anak!)

I'm not sure though, if my being  home makes it easier for him. Sometimes he comes to sit on my lap while I type. Then I have to tell him that he can't disturb mummy yet.

I try to make up for this by reading him chapters of Prince Caspian at night and putting him to bed after that. But I know these are not enough...

One night when I felt all the physical and mental fatigue from all the writing and reading, I hugged him in bed, and said, "You know what, anak, I miss you soooo much."

He looked up to me and said, "Why?"  with a tone that makes me want to laugh at myself for being nuts--Oo nga naman, why would I miss him when I've been home for days?

Still, I wanted him to know,  "I miss you because I've been working and working and working. I don't even have the time to play with you."

He looked up to me again,  and said with such sweetness, " I miss you, too."

Remember what those moms say about forgetting how tired they are whenever they see their kids?
That's it. That's what those words felt like.


ruthietheotaku said...

lol get some rest mommy, you do look washed out

ZDA said...

Sooo sweet. :)