05 October 2010

what would you say to this?

Covering your mouth when coughing is one of the most important social courtesies these days. With all the pandemic scares looming about, you'd really get those worried looks when you go barking in public places with all that cough. A sad thing for my son and me because we luuv coughing - it's our seasonal delight (thank you allergies!). Though I'm perfectly sure that our coughing won't be blowing viruses to that person nearby (it's the pollen madame!), I try to keep it simple by telling my son to cover his mouth whenever he coughs.  And then, of course, he asks why. So I say, hoping to teach him a sense of responsibility:

"Because when you cough, anak, sometimes germs go out of your mouth and they fly to other people. You can get them sick. You don't like that right?"

And then the innocent smart mouth says back:

"But if I cover my mouth, the germs will fly to me. I don't want to get to sick, too."

I open my mouth to say something in reply, but my neurons in my head fail me.

Sige nga, how would you answer that?

1 comment:

ruthietheotaku said...

your germs are your friends, they don't like other people. so they make other people sick, but not you??! how bout that hehehe