24 January 2011

Flower couple

I'm still on with the apartment-coloring. I said last time that I would be hunting for bright and patterned throw pillows. But gash! Never thought it would be so expensive. Cheapest I found was 15 Euros for 1, and it's just blah-blah.  Then it hit me. Why spend so much on unjustly priced living room accessories when I could just walk in our favorite flower shop for fresh and living colors? So off to the shop I went,  and walked out with two simple lovelies:

3 Hyacinths which the shop owner graciously planted on a wooden pot for me

and one Gerbera 

There's a cute funny story about the owners of what Lakay and I have long ago declared as our official flower shop. Both of us have bought from this shop separately.
On Lakay's first time, he was immediately taken by the kindness of the owner. He shared how he felt so well-accommodated, something rather rare from a people we've been accustomed to as paranoid against strangers. Since I've been to the shop before, I could only join him in his generous praises for the owner by telling him how I was enthusiastically educated about flowers and plants. This good impression has stayed on for months. I would go home and share what kind thing the owner did or said to me that day. Lakay would also have something similar to say. 

Little did we know that we were talking about two different people. The whole time, Lakay was talking about the kind wife, while I was talking about the gentle husband. It just seemed strange how our separate impressions synchronized well with one and the other. 

I finally met the wife yesterday when I bought these flowers. Lakay was right. She is just as kind as her husband. I was a bit depressed when I walked in, but felt so refreshed when I left.  Well, I'm not so surprised. Even the flowers I carried home had the owners' smiles. 

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