23 January 2011

playing with words

Family mealtimes are usually those fun moments when Lakay, the bugey and I come up with a senseless chain of whatnots - a line of a song twisted, added on, then completely changed; a story in a book or a movie that's bastardized, given a different ending then god knows what.

Tonight, at Quick ( the McDo-like fast food chain in Europe), bugey came up with a new funny non-sense. It all started when he asked us when were we going to church for mass. Lakay and I laughed in reply, and said, "We've just been to church. You were asleep the whole time. As soon as you sat on the pews, you dozed off." I added, "You were even snoring. People in front of us had to look back. Kakahiya anak." 

More amazed, rather than embarrassed, the bugey proudly smiled. He said, "Oh, so I was like a Standbeeld. You know what a standbeeld is, mummy?" Lakay helped him out by translating the Dutch word to me, "It means 'statue,' but literally it means 'standing' (Stand) 'photo' (beeld)." Lakay then added, "but I wouldn't say you were like a standbeeld. You were a lying beeld!" All three laughed. 

Then, somewhat unsatisfied with the inaccuracy of the term, the bugey had to say, "No, I wasn't lying beeld. I was SNORING beeld." In an instant, the otherwise quiet dining area was filled with snorts of laughter. 

Of course he got a hug for that. Oh my funny little Dr. Seuss. :) 


Chickything said...

I love reading your blog Lovelyn. You don't know but I honestly think that you are one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. I always smile when I remember your good words for me back in high school. You truly are an inspiration.

Socraticmom said...

Thanks Chickything (cute name by the way!) You don't know how that comment made me feel better today. :) hail to all mom bloggers!