08 June 2011

Bugey from A to Z

A - Agpipikels - Ilokano word for cramps. The bastardized version, that is. Turned into an English verb in the present tense. For example, he says, "My feet is agpipikels," to mean "I'm having cramps in my feet".  

B - Boring - word mistaken to mean funny. Yesterday, he told his friend: "Look, my mum did it the wrong way. Isn't it boring(?).

C - Charming -  Until it lasts. I will relish this moment when I am still the most beautiful woman in the world for this boy. This is the time when you hear sweet lines like  "Mummy,  I want to see your face every morning I wake up. " 

D- Drama boy. Cries over senti scenes in his favorite movies. He's learned to cover up his tears, though,  with claims like, "My eyes are hot. They're not crying. They're just sweating." Yes, anak. I believe you.  

E - Eating tooooooooo slowly. The thing that annoys his dad the most.  Either he talks too much, or imagines too much, or does both too much in between spoonfuls. 

F -Five counts. If you want to get something done without the usual arguments, just say "I'm counting 1 to 5!..." Always works.

G - Gender stereotyping. Most of it, he gets from his peers in school. Last week, he declared that he would go for Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League, despite knowing that mum and dad were rooting for Barcelona. Why? "Because Barcelona is for girls, Manchester United is for boys!" Five years old? I'm missing something here. 

H - Hide and seek. Sucks at this game. While hiding under sheets, he shouts out clues: "I'm here in the bedroom, under something green, and soft and warm.!  - and when still "not found" says- "I'm near the bed! Find me, mummy!" 

I - Insightful. His latest insight: He was struck by the thought that his mummy also had a lola, all this time thinking that only kids have lolas. And then he said in his ungrammared English, "If my lola has a mummy, and everybody has a mummy, then everyone are children."   

J - "My favorite letter, of course." (Try imagining him saying "of course" like an adult so sure of himself)

K - Kisses mum and dad goodnight in a comic way. Imagine him running in slow-mo effects, Dolphy-esque, towards mum and dad, jumps up to kiss them, then mimics a slow fall  on the bed.  

L - Lap. Mummy's lap. His favorite place. Once he sees that mum is  done with her dinner, he will find (READ: sneak)  his way to my lap and ask me to feed him. We go through this argument every single day -- 
Mum: You're too old to sit on my lap
Bugey: But I love sitting on your lap. I miss sitting on your lap.  

How would you win to that?

M - Muray-muray - Ilokano term for that calm between sleep and wakefulness. This is how I call our morning moment in the couch, when the boy and I are caught in this embrace, saying nothing, just holding hands. 20 minutes of peace, and then that hyperactive day. 

N - Nobody! - His automatic reply to the question: "Who wants to eat vegetables for dinner?"

O - Oedipal. Well, I guess it will take a while before he learns to understand that he can't marry mum, nor switch roles with dad. 

P - PBS KIDS.ORG - our greatest baby-sitter. It's also where he developed his logical skills, and  his sense of humor. Ok, his sense of humor at least.

Q - Quick.  A trip to this European fast food chain is one of his simplest joys. 

R - Rhymes - the main reason why he loves poems and songs. Last month, while at the peak of his sibling-fantasy, he thought of names for his wished-for brother. Of course, the brother should have two names that rhyme. His strongest recommendation?  RAFAEL - CARAMEL. 
Inside his "tent" using mom's scarves and the clothesline. 
S - Sign language. His latest fascination is the alphabet in sign language.  Memorized them and now uses them to communicate with Dad. Today at lunch, Lakay spelled in hand signs  E-A-T--N-O-W (because he was doing everything else again except his lunch). The boy read the sign, and laughed. Then replied with signs, " S-h-h-h!"

T -  Tickles - what scares him the most. He has learned not to raise his arms unguarded whenever dad's threatening fingers are in sight. 

U - United States of America - His latest map obsession. Memorized the shape and abbreviations of each state. He quizzes mum and dad over it every breakfast. (Poor us!) 

V - Vava-voom! A lame word mum comes up with just to complete this dictionary. (Hey, I tried). 

W - Wrestling. Signed this up in PBS Kids as his favorite word and activity, because, as he says " I love wrestling with my daddy. It's my favorite thing to do!" Fine, Lakay. At least out of 26 letters,  one is for you. 

Y - Youtube - where he discovers and learns all versions of alphabet song. His recent favorites are ABC in sign language and the pop song "A" you're adorable, "B" you're so beautiful, "C" you're so... tralalalala. And then his lyrics from nowhere. 

Z - Zero minutes - the amount of idle, unhappy time Lakay and I have with this little one of God! Thank you Lord for this gift we receive everyday. 

* Forgot the X. Asked my son last night what I would put in the X and he said X-ray. Why? Because he likes to have one for a toy. Errrrr.


ruthietheotaku said...

haha the 5 counts thing is proven and golden...worked in a room full of preschoolers..i'm a believer!

Socraticmom said...

:) you'll have to wait 5 years though before you can use it on that coming-soon little tyke!