19 June 2011

Why is this boy happy?

Is it because Daddy read him a funny story last night?

Or because Daddy took him to the park today after school?

Or because he finally made Daddy smile, after being put to the corner for a naughty deed. 

Or because Daddy came up with this funny and witty song, or danced this funny dance?

Or because Daddy cooked him breakfast, gave him a good bath, and brought him to school on time?

Or because he and Daddy are scheming up a practical joke on mum?

Or because he won a wrestling match against Dad?

Or because Daddy knows how to say sorry when he knows he's being unfair?

Or is it simply because 

he has a father who devotes his whole life and being to helping him grow into the best and happiest person one can ever be?

Yes. He is happy because of all the above - and more! 

Lakay, thank you. I'm so lucky to have a partner in parenting like you. Thank you for putting your career on hold just so one of us can be a full-time parent. Thank you for attending those parent-council meetings, for taking note of your son's homework, preparing his bag for the next day, for studying which toys and books are good for your boy, for teaching him how to have fun in everything he does. Finally, thank you for teaching me to relax and not to worry too much. 

The whole world knows that you are a good father to your son. No one can doubt that, not after seeing your son's smile. 
Happy Father's day, Dad! We love you!

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